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Mailing Lists by Zip Codes

One of the basic methods for targeting prospective customers through direct mail campaigns is finding mailing lists by zip codes. Geographic location is an excellent indicator of who we are. For example, the television program "Beverly Hills 90210" clearly implies most of the residents are affluent in that particular zip code. Another example is New York City, where most residents can easily walk to work or take a taxi, and therefore the rate of car ownership is very low. You wouldn't want to waste resources marketing your GPS or special-grip cup holder to residents in that zip code.

Mailing lists by zip code can include information like homeowners, car ownership, renters, funds spent on public transportation, average income, number of schools, etc. This information helps you identify the best areas to target in terms of likelihood of response.

Mailing lists by zip codes is very useful for business and restaurant owners looking to advertise locally. And these mailing lists can be broken down further through hundreds of selects until your ideal prospects are targeted. This is the best way to ensure optimum success with your marketing campaign.

Before we begin the search for your lists, Mail House Direct takes the time to consult with you in order to fully understand your exact campaign and who your ideal market is. Then we access only the most trustworthy and reliable list sources, which we then refine further to pinpoint your precise target demographic. These extra services are available to all our clients at no additional charge. We basically partner with our clients to ensure a profitable marketing campaign, because if our clients are pleased with their results, they will return to us for the next campaign launch.

Contact Mail House Direct today and see how easily you can reap higher benefits with your next marketing campaign.

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