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Customer Base Lists

Also Known As Dealer Lists

A Customer Base List is a list of people who have purchased or leased a vehicle or had their vehicle serviced at a dealership.  This is information already captured by the dealership and can be access by the dealership CRM system.  This list costs the dealer nothing and therefore can reduce the cost of a direct mail campaign significantly.  This type of list is perfect for increasing sales in your service department.  Our technology team will download your list, de-dupe it, clean it, make sure it meets NCOA requirements and transmit it to our printing facility where it will be matched up with your direct mail piece.

Let Mail House Direct target your current customers with a direct mail campaign that is specifically designed to bring them back into your dealership to either trade vehicles or service their current vehicle.

Customer Base Samples!

Any of our Direct Mail pieces can be customized to fit your Customer Base at no additional charge.      

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