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Mailing Lists for Sale

When you are looking for mailing lists for sale, the main thing to keep in mind is that the mailing list will be the single most critical aspect of your direct marketing campaign. A weak, out-dated and inaccurate list will end up costing you money in the long run, rather than boosting your sales. This is true for whatever type of campaign you plan to launch, whether it's telemarketing, direct mail, or e-mail marketing.

There are more than fifty thousand mailing lists available, and securing the right mailing lists for sale is a tough and confusing task. There are plenty of mailing list brokers around who sell lists at cheap rates just to make a quick buck. Those lists are often inaccurate, outdated and are not tailored to your specific target audience. You end up wasting your money, time, effort, and energy sending out offers to people who will not be interested in your offer or who aren't even there.

Mail House Direct Makes it Simple

With Mail House Direct you're getting the most current, accurate lists available, which we then sift and sort through until it is customized to your targeted market. We have access to every list out there, and we can also access some lists unavailable to the general public. We eliminate the risks and the guesswork for you, and make the entire process simple and easy. And because of our contacts and connections in the industry, we're able to negotiate on your behalf to get the best prices for your mailing lists.

Here are just a few of the mailing lists we can provide:

  • Consumer mailing lists
  • Business mailing lists
  • Subscriber lists
  • Response lists
  • Association lists

We can provide local names and addresses as well as contact information for customers around the globe.

Buying Lists is Complicated

To begin with, mailing lists for sale are actually not bought from the list owners, but rented. Most agreements are for a one-time use, while others are for unlimited use for a specific time frame. List owners include "dummy" contacts in order to track their lists and make sure they are being used within the limits of the rental agreement. In many cases the list owner will want to see a copy of your direct mail offer or telemarketing script before they will agree to rent out the lists. Prices are extremely variable, ranging anywhere from eighty to four hundred dollars per thousand names. Furthermore, many list owners have a minimum order requirement. It's a complicated transaction that must be navigated carefully.

Mail House Direct takes care of all these details on your behalf. We can broker the rental agreement for you, and forward your marketing material for approval. When the agreement is completed, we can return the lists to you by pre-printed labels or by e-mail.

When you begin receiving responses from our marketing campaign, those customers become yours. You can begin developing your own customer list, and in the future we can continue to help you reduce costs by brokering list exchanges between you and other list owners.

Contact Mail House Direct before your next marketing campaign, so we can work together to launch your most profitable campaign to date!

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