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Jewish Mailing Lists

Due to their relative affluence, the Jewish Community is a good target for direct mail marketing. A large per cent of adult Jews are employed in management positions, or are professionals of some sort. In addition, a higher per cent of Jewish adults hold degrees in higher education, and earn higher annual salaries than the overall general population.

Another factor that makes this a good demographic for direct mail marketing is their religious commonality. The Jewish community encompasses a population of more than five million, with more than eighty per cent describing themselves as actively religious. They have a strong tendency to belong to Jewish-affiliated national organizations, universities, and magazines.

Mail House Direct can help you reach this profitable market with our reliable Jewish mailing lists. Our services have helped thousands of marketers achieve phenomenal success with their direct marketing campaigns. Our team of highly skilled professional marketers, researchers and brokers work to narrow your list down to the best potential customers-those with the interest, inclination and resources to respond to your offer. We do this by sorting through hundreds of criteria including:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Geographic location donors
  • Presence of grandparents
  • Presence of children

We know where to look within the Jewish community to find contacts and information such as phone numbers, street addresses, and e-mail addresses. The following are just some of the categories we research:

  • Jewish teachers/professors
  • Jewish business owners
  • Jewish professionals (lawyers, doctors)
  • Jewish business executives
  • Jewish Democrat donors
  • Jewish Republican donors
  • American Jewish Committee members
  • Members of American Jewish Congress
  • Members of hundreds of other Jewish organizations

Mail House Direct can also access Jewish mailing lists from magazine subscriptions like Jerusalem Report, Moment Magazine, Lilith, and Commentary. With our resources and industry connections, we will narrow your mailing lists until we find your ideal targeted market.

Mail House Direct from Start to Finish

With our broad range of services we can help you optimize your campaign results to a whole new level of success. We can effectively manage your marketing promotion from beginning to end, including development of your Jewish mailing lists, creating your marketing materials, and tracking your results. Mail House Direct can also provide you with services for list management, e-mail and telemarketing lists, website optimization and marketing consulting.

Contact Mail House Direct today and find out how we can dramatically improve your direct mail marketing efforts.

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